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After Builders Cleaning Glasgow

We will clean up after your builders, and leave your home clean and tidy, just the way you would like it. In a few hours, your property will be immaculate, sparkle and dust free. We know the inconvenience of any home renovation. Cleaning up after the builders is another fix that should be made to get the house in order. After builders cleaning Glasgow service is available at any time of the day like any other.


We have designed a complete to-do list, which will cover every corner of your home. You can also provide your own list of requirements, so we can target the areas of your home that concern you the most.

The incomparable standard and guaranteed quality help us to do well and expand a wide range of cleaning services, including post cleaning to builders in the Glasgow areas.
We know that it is important to you that your property remains spotless and we work hard to achieveoutstanding results every time we clean your home.

For your convenience, all cleaning products are already included in our quote. We also specialize in cleaning services on site. Request a quote here or call us at 07543203536

Check out our After Builders cleaning Glasgow

Our Cleaners are fully trained and if you have any special requirements, you can prepare your own to-do
list and hand it out to cleaners upon arrival.

Why choose us for your After Builders Cleaning Glasgow?

Regardless of the size and requirement of the cleaning project, we make sure to deliver a superior quality service for both residential and commercial clients in Glasgow. By keeping in mind your requisite, we can suitably customize and schedule the cleaning service.

Our highly trained cleaners are efficient in taking care of the cleaning tasks like removing the dust paint splatter, splatter, wiping and mopping the surfaces, and more. 

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What includes in our After Builders Cleaning?

Our professional after builders cleaning in Glasgow depends on the type, size and requirement of the cleaning project.

Please have a look at our after builders cleaning Glasgow task list below:

We dispatch our professional after-builder cleaners with our own heavy-duty cleaning methods and state-of-the-art tools and equipment to clean your home from top to bottom. Dusting is often the priority, which means using different types of brushes, mops, and accessories. This level of detailed work may require multiple passes on surfaces, fixtures, and accessories to completely remove dust.

Every property is different, but our post builder cleaning services can include:

Bedrooms, Living rooms, stairways, hallways more can be thoroughly cleaned to remove paint chips, debris, and dust using a rigorous vacuum and mop. Furniture, mirrors, frames, pictures, as well as doors, baseboards, sockets and switches can be dusted. The walls can be dusted with a microfiber mop.

Kitchens: We can clean and dust the interior and exterior of cabinets, surfaces, including sinks and faucets, windows and doors, including frames, baseboards, sockets, and floors. We can also remove protective foil, tape and packaging from new kitchen units and appliances.

Bathrooms: Sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and showers can be made to shine alongside surfaces, mirrors, and floors. Sinks and taps will be addressed, as well as showers, shelving, cupboards, doors, windows, and frames.

After Builders Cleaning Glasgow

After Builders Cleaning Glasgow Costs

The costs of a new build, post builders or sparkle clean depends on a number of factors, these are below:

Size of the property – Property size – Some cleaning jobs are only needed on small flats or apartments after construction work, and at other times we may need to clean an entire newly built housing complex. Let us know what your requirements and we will quote accordingly.

The number of builders cleaner or sparkle cleaners required – sometimes we just send a couple of cleaners to tackle a sparkle or new build clean, other times we can send in larger teams to get the job done more quickly and efficiently.

Turnaround Time – if you need the job doing in a set time frame or there is more flexibility let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

Bespoke requirements and Extras – our teams can also carry out full and deep Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Rug Cleaning, and other jobs should these be necessary.  For quick quote contact after builders cleaning Glasgow team today, we can give you an initial ballpark figure or are happy to visit the property or building to put together a quote based on your individual requirements.