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Mirror Cleaning Techniques

Mirror Cleaning Techniques

Mirrors in the bathroom and other rooms require definite attention from time to time when you go about your daily tasks. Keeping your home mirrors free from smudges, smudges, fingerprints, and scratches is not a difficult task.

Imagine that you are entering your bathroom and your mirror is dirty, such an item will make the place look unpleasant and dirty.

While it’s sometimes as convenient as quick cleaning with a window cleaner and microfiber cloth, you’ll get the best sharp result every time if you follow these tips and learn how to clean a mirror:

Homemade solution to clean mirrors:

  • Mug full of distilled water
  • Cup full of white vinegar
  • A tablespoon of cornstarch

This homemade solution made of three ingredients has to be mixed or diluted in a basic spray bottle, for a better mixed solution you can shake the bottle well. After that intervention you are ready to shine and polish some mirrors!

  1. Start by removing deodorant, makeup, hairspray or any stubborn residue with rubbing alcohol and a clean paper towel, you can also use a clean, dry cloth. Dip a little bit of the cloth in rubbing alcohol to dry and clean the deterioration before cleaning the rest of the mirror glass.
  2. The next step is to apply the spray onto the mirror with your cleaning solution or glass cleaner.
  3. use a glass microfiber cloth for a streak-free shine. Don’t have one? Hand-crumpling a newspaper, this is a traditional way and it also works very well.
  4. Then take the microfiber cloth (or newspaper) and begin cleaning the mirror in a wide “S” pattern, working from one edge to the other edge, then try the other way around from top to bottom. Try to use the same edge of the microfiber cloth to take advantage of any dirt or deterioration without spreading it on other parts of the mirror. Never use a circular motion to clean and polish the mirror!
  5. The last step is to see if the mirror appears clean, standing in different places, and trying to look through different angles in the room to see if the mirror areas are not yet clean.

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