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Staying Safe During Uncertain Times

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Staying Safe During Uncertain Times

In these times of uncertainty and concern, it has been great to know that as a team, we have been helping reduce the risk of spreading the virus with our regular cleanup efforts.

As an agency, we have been closely following and following the advice of the Government, and following the announcement of the Prime Minister last night, the advice has changed again. You are now only allowed out of the house to work if it is seen as an essential job.

Some customers may well see your regular cleaning as essential these days, but if you as a GCS team member prefer to stop working, this is absolutely understandable. Government advice is clear – non-essential travel is not allowed.

For those who follow through with some cleanings you can increase the impact they have by focusing on those areas / items in the home that are regularly touched but not regularly cleaned. There is evidence showing that this virus can live on hard surfaces (plastic, metal etc) for much longer than fabric, cardboard etc – so regular cleaning is so important.

We recommend that you discuss with any customer continuing the change to cleaning that is designed to effectively reduce the risk of spreading a virus in your home, with a different focus on disinfecting areas such as work surfaces, handrails, and handles. doors, light switches. But also less obvious items like kettle handles, cabinet knobs, laundry baskets and appliance controls, etc. Use antibacterial sprays, disinfectants, detergents, etc. as much as possible. You can use bleach-based diluted products when appropriate, but remember not to use bleach where it can come in contact with fabrics.

Below are some processes to help stop the spread of the virus, which we will add to this list, please send any other advice you may have:

● Wash your hands when entering a property

● Make arrangements with your client to maintain the recommended social distance (2 meters) between you and anyone else on the property

● Try to arrange for cleaning when the property is empty if possible

● If there are people there, suggest that those occupants stay in another room while you clean the rest of the property. You could perhaps agree to rotate that room on your next visit.

● When you have completed your cleaning with your clients’ clothes and equipment, rinse them thoroughly with disinfectant.

●Clean hard surfaces of equipment (mop handle, vacuum handle, etc.) with a disinfectant

● Wear gloves or any other protective item you deem necessary, but remember to wash your hands when you leave the property.

● Unlike people working in stores, you will come into contact with very few people in our line of work if you continue with any client. You will primarily visit the same people every week and find it easy to avoid close contact, maintain social distance (2

meters) or even avoid contact with them altogether. You should follow the same advice in your non-work activities as well.

If you develop any symptoms of the virus; insulated car and notify us immediately. We will get in touch with your client to try to make sure you can retain them as a client and return to him as soon as it is safe.

If you have high risk clients (elderly or vulnerable), you should not visit them under any circumstances.

We realize how important it is for some to keep working for financial reasons, but we also want you to stay safe and protect your clients. If you make the decision to stop working, we will be here to help you and increase your hours when this terrible time is over – so don’t be afraid to do so.

Remember, we are all in this together

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